Matt Briscoe

Matt Briscoe is a multimedia news producer, presenter and reporter based in Texas. His reports have taken him around the world and have earned him the respect of his peers on a global scale. He has worked in every form of media from newspapers and radio to television and the new digital age of news. His experience as a conflict reporter have recently taken him to the war torn regions of The Middle East, including the Syrian refugee crisis. He has covered news from the front lines of battle to natural disasters both at home in the United States and abroad. Matt remains one of the most sought after talents in the news business today.

Matt has covered breaking news throughout the globe for various news outlets, including The BBC and Al Jazeera. In 2013, Matt reported from the scene of the Alabama school bus hostage situation, Cleveland missing girls, Texan fertilizer plant explosion, Colorado wildfires, and the George Zimmerman trial. In 2012, Briscoe was on-the-scene from breaking and developing news location reporting on the pardoned Mississippi murders, Ohio school shooting and Superstorm Sandy. In 2011, he has reported on breaking news stories, including the largest tornado outbreak in US history that moved through the Southeast, and the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. The devastation caused by tornadoes that hit Alabama and Mississippi, Mississippi levee and the Casey Anthony trial.

He delivered on-the-ground coverage of the military build up in Iraq and Kuwait in 2003, including embedding with the 1st Battalion of the 7th Marines. He has reported from Afghanistan, Kandahar, and Bagram, where he traveled with the U.S. troops during Operation Anaconda.

In 2004, Briscoe joined The World Service as a correspondent based in Texas, reporting for on various conflicts for them. He was their primary correspondent in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.

Before joining global network reporting, Matt worked as a special projects reporter and anchor for a station in Texas.  For several years, he covered major local, national and international stories, specializing in news documentaries and breaking news.

Matt returned to local news in 2017 in Texas, helping organize The Hill Country Tribune and HCTX News--which he left in 2018 to move to Corpus Christi, Texas when  his partner, Kelly decided to return to college.

In Corpus Christi, Matt worked with KRIS 6 News, the NBC affiliate in the market on their morning show. He returned to the basics of news operating cameras, editing video and even stepping into the role assisting producers. He left KRIS 6 News after only a short time to start his own website and news production company. Now, he regularly covers everything from major breaking news to high school sports.

To learn more about Matt Briscoe or schedule services, please email Matt Briscoe or call him at 254-661-5978.

"Matt is tough. He knows how to get a quality story, read a news cycle and really present a story in a way that really sits well with viewers. Very competitive and independent."--Former General Manager

"I love it that I can always find no matter where I am. He is always around on television or on my social media. I love how Matt connects with us!"--World Service Viewer