Unconfirmed Reports Of Hippos In The Rio Grande River

A section of the Rio Grande River in Texas near Eagle Pass (Matt Briscoe)

The outrageous sounding story has been circulating on social media since Monday afternoon, hippos in the Rio Grande river near Zapata.

That’s right, hippos.

Numerous people have been sharing a photo and associated Facebook post showing what appears to be hippos in the Rio Grande near the community of Zapata, near Lake Falcon.

Media nor public safety officials have been able to independently verify the posts that are being made on social media about the hippos.

We spoke to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials who say they cannot verify the accuracy of the reports. The agency does say that they too have also heard reports and seen the post and are investigating.

The posts claim that the hippos escaped from a nearby exotic animal sanctuary. We contacted the registered owners of 2 sanctuaries within reasonable distance of the sightings who claim that the animals were not part of their stock.