Biscuits Are A Texas Staple and Easy To Make

Fresh baking powder biscuits on a Sunday morning (Matt Briscoe)

As a native Texan, you likely grow up with stories about great sounding food from the ranches and farms that dot the state. I grew up in Floresville, south of San Antonio and true to tradition we grew up with those same stories. Memories of old hardened cowboys from area ranches and dairies having bowls of pinto beans and biscuits for dinner and scantily prepared meals with pig meat for breakfast. It seemed like all great stories of food circled around the ever present biscuit.

They carried the them across the water into Indianola. They carried them across the plains near Waco. They drug them across the flatlands near New Mexico. Stories about biscuits seem to everywhere.

Now on Sunday’s before heading off to Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church in our hometown of Corpus, it is not unusual for me to slap together 2 dozen or more of these buttery, floury disks and freeze them for use throughout the week for our little family.

Homemade baking powder biscuits on Sunday (Matt Briscoe)

The long standing recipe comes from the back of a Clabber Girl baking powder can and is simple to follow.

Baking powder
Dash of salt
Good bit of shortening
Cold, whole milk

Mix together dry ingredients; add shortening and “chop” until it looks like coarse meal. Make a “well” in the center of the dry ingredients; add milk and mix together; Then roll it out on a lightly floured counter top and cup with an old can (I use a Vienna sausage can); place on baking sheet lightly greased with bacon grease and bake 10-12 mins. You can freeze raw biscuits for use later in the week, if you want.

I eat mine with Grandma's Molasses, butter or syrup. Other times I add butter and a sausage patty. It doesn’t really matter how you eat them, just do it!

Keep some on hand for biscuits and gravy (shit on the shingles) or breakfast!

No doubt this is a real Texas treat!