U.S. Economy Adds Jobs For 95th Month

Numbers released by the Department of Labor on Friday showed that the U.S. economy added 201,000 jobs in August, continuing its nearly eight-year streak of monthly increases that spans two presidential administrations. The report also showed that the current unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.9 percent, one of the lowest numbers in years.

Wage growth however, continued to be an issue with average hourly earnings nudging slightly upward to 2.9 percent annual growth from July's 2.7 percent.

Economist's believe that the information in the report will likely keep the Federal Reserve on track to boost its key interest rate two more times in 2018.

 The number of so-called "discouraged workers" — people who aren't looking for jobs because they don't believe anything is out there for them — was 434,000. That number was relatively unchanged from numbers released this same time last year.