Two Tropical Systems Develop In The Atlantic

Forecast track for Tropical Depression Number 9 (NHC)

The Atlantic Ocean has come to life during what is the traditional peak of hurricane season.

 Two new tropical systems may threaten some of the islands in the Caribbean during the middle to latter part of next week.

On Friday afternoon, Tropical Depression Eight and Tropical Depression Nine developed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, and are both expected to strengthen into named tropical systems in the coming days.

The next names on the list of tropical storms for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season are Helene and Isaac.

Steering winds over the Atlantic are likely to guide Tropical Depression Nine on a westerly track through this weekend. During next week, a slightly more northwest track may develop, causing some concern for interests in the Gulf of Mexico.

The chance that one of these storms would become a hurricane is not out of the question.

Waters are warm enough to support development and strengthening in the coming days, according to some forecasters, though wind shear may vary along the path of the storm, which can cause fluctuations in strength.

If both systems become tropical storms, the feature nearest to Africa would be named Helene and the feature farther west and eyeing the Caribbean would be called Isaac.

The system closest to Cabo Verde has prompted tropical storm warnings on the islands. Enough wind and rain to threaten lives and property on Cabo Verde are likely by Sunday. Seas will build in the region through the weekend.