Tropical System Brings Flooding To Texas Coastal Bend

A low pressure that forecasters had been watching all week finally moved inland and brought flooding to portions of the Lower Coastal Bend on Saturday.

Residents in the Flour Bluff area of Corpus Christi reported as much as 14 inches of rain earlier in the week and Saturday morning the rain continued to fall.

Numerous streets were closed in Corpus Christi and some public transit routes had been called stopped due to unsafe conditions near Flour Bluff and Padre Island.

Several apartments in the 9300 blk. of South Padre Island Drive were taking on water Saturday morning and some residents began putting clothes and other belongings in their vehicles to keep them dry.

“We knew it was coming” said Flour Bluff Richelle Dennison. “Flooding isn’t unusual here but it is always a pain in the hind end.”

A tornado warning was in effect for a short time for residents of Ingleside, Gregory/Portland and Aransas Pass Saturday afternoon. Though storm spotters did not report an actual tornado, radar did indicate a possible rotation, which prompted officials to issue the warning.

More rain was expected on Saturday as training continues from Port Mansfield to Aransas Pass.