Tropical Rain Floods Homes In Texas

Flood waters deep into a garage near Corpus Christi on Saturday
(Matt Briscoe)
Corpus Christi, Texas—It had been raining on and off for nearly the entire week on the Southern Texas coast, but on Saturday. a low pressure that forecasters had been watching all week finally moved inland and brought flooding to portions of the area.

While Hurricane Florence has been battering the eastern seaboard of the United States, folks who live here have been battling Mother Nature as well. These same people have been working to recover from Hurricane Harvey just a little more than one year ago.

Torrential rainfall caused already saturated areas to flood rather quickly on Saturday morning. In an area of the city of Corpus Christi known as Flour Bluff, apartments became flooded, transit lines halted and roads became closed due to the rain that forecasters had promised would indeed come.

At one point rain fell at nearly 3 inches in less than one hour on Saturday. Planned events were canceled or rescheduled, families altered plans and the normally active beaches and angling areas were empty.
Flood waters fill the streets of a Texas neighborhood.
(Matt Briscoe)

Just up the coast in Rockport, Texas cars were flooded, businesses had water coming through the doors and people stood horror, watching the year of work fill once again with water.

“It’s not Harvey” says Paul Crowder, a Rockport area resident. “Thank God it isn’t, but even this is bad right now.”

Another resident, this time on Port Aransas, said she had better not been back in her home 3 months. Now she had water inside again.

“They call this paradise, and it is until this happens” she says as she brushes the water from her garage.

On the other side of the Island, closer to the mainland, Greta Sorensen says that her neighborhood usually gets high water, but just not this bad.

“You know the water gets high nearly every time we get rain. But seems like this is an awful lot of water, even for here” Sorensen says.

Forecasters said that the rain would come, and it did. City officials set up sandbag locations earlier in the week and some people even took to stocking up on water ahead of the rainfall. But even with all of that, some residents admit that they did not take the forecasters seriously.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took proactive measures ahead of the rain by not only placing state resources at the ready, but including some counties as far away the Texas Hill Country under a state Disaster Declaration, which would allow a faster state response to those impacting by the flooding.

“You just never know who to believe” Alan Ramirez says while he sweeps water from his home along an area known as the Laguna Madre, near Corpus Christi. “I heard one day that he thought that we would fare pretty well. I guess this is pretty well?”

But while people begin to clean up from this most recent tropical rain, many here are all to aware of what those on the east coast are facing.

“I will clean up the mud and call the insurance company” says Maria Sandoval. “But I know how blessed I am when I turn on the television and see what’s happening out east. I know what they are feeling all too well.”

Maria lost her entire home to Harvey just over one year ago.

But now, the work begins as clean up is underway along the Texas coast.

“We will get it cleaned up” says Ramirez. “We always do.”