San Antonio Bound Flight Diverted To Killeen Due To Weather; Passengers Left Waiting Due To Crew Duty Hours

This story has been updated throughout. 

Killeen, Texas--A spokesperson with American Airlines has confirmed that American Airlines flight 570 from Phoenix to San Antonio was diverted to Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport due to thunderstorms in the area preventing the aircraft from reaching it's final destination on time Thursday evening.

The plane was carrying 66 passengers, according to American Airlines was diverted and safely landed at Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport when the air crew quickly realized that they did not have enough flight hours to finish their flight to San Antonio.

The spokesperson said that the passengers were deboarded from the plane and given refreshments and that a relief crew is en route to finish the trip. The spokesperson was unsure exactly when the plane would be arriving in San Antonio.

The Airbus A-319 left Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport just before 1:00 pm CDT on Thursday and was scheduled to arrive in San Antonio around 4:30 pm. The flight was diverted to Killeen shortly before it's originally scheduled arrival time in San Antonio.