Abbott Unphased By Jabs From Valdez During Debate

If Texas Democrat Lupe Valdez needed a stand out moment in Friday’s Texas Gubernatorial debate—she didn’t get it.

The debate was largely a show for Governor Greg Abbott to promote what he claimed were his achievements and lay out his agenda for the upcoming 86th legislative session, should he win re-election.

Former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez remained weak on issues and focused more on creating a division between the candidates than she did about outlining solid policy standpoints and demonstrating solid political experience.

Abbott at times seemed to be humored at the responses from Valdez, nearly cracking a smile when Valdez explained her view of the National Guard on the border.

“I’d make the federal government pay for it” Valdez said when arguing border security. Abbott was quick in his response to point out that the federal government does pay for the National Guard deployment and reiterated his plan to make the border safer by locking up dangerous drug gangs and focusing on human trafficking.

While Abbott seemed to be on point and aggressive when speaking on the topic of border issues and gang intervention efforts, Valdez pointed the finger at Abbott regarding criminal gangson border on the governor. Without offering any explanation, Valdez retorted “You let them come in,” a statement that left Abbott looking humored.

When pressed about seperating families at the border, Abbott said “Separating children from parents is always wrong” and that the federal government assured him that the policy would end and stay ended.

In his remarks, Governor Abbott clearly made it a point that the country as a whole has a "broken immigration system" that must be fixed by Congress.

In her response, Valdez simply offered no solution other than to say “Family separation was cruel. Period. Families should've never happened."

With the debate clearly in hand, the question of the bathroom bill came up. When asked if he would sign the bill, if it came to his desk, Governor Abbott said that he would not comment on “hypothetical bills” that may or may not cross his desk. However, pointing to his agenda of creating jobs, working for veterans benefits, securing the border and helping disaster stricken Texans rebuild, the Governor did point out that the so-called “Bathroom Bill” was not a legislative priority for him—a move that had to leave the socially motivate Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sickened to the core.

While on the topic of property taxes, Abbot said “I’m the only candidate on the stage tonight that’s articulated a plan to lower your property taxes”, though while basically pointing out obvious problems with the system and making the system more fair for property owners, the Governor did not lay out a solid plan for fixing the problem.

Valdez, thinking quickly, responded “I’m the only candidate on the stage who knows that’s not correct."

While Democrats somehow walked away feeling positive, promoting Valdez as the clear winner, one has to wonder how they came up with this opinion?

“This national bullshit strategy of divide and conquer just ain’t going to work in Texas” says Mike Miller, a longtime registered Democrat who plans to vote for Mike Collier for Lt.Governor, but skip the Governor position. “Who in the Hell told them this strategy works in Texas?”

“Let me tell ya, this homosexual, women’s rights, left wing bullshit just isn’t a dog Texans are going to hunt with. We didn’t learn that from Wendy Davis?” Miller exclaims.

There are no more planned debates between the two candidates ahead of the election.