State Agency Releases Report Card On Texas Schools

Matt Briscoe

Flour Bluff— A report released Wednesday morning by the Texas Education Agency has scored both Flour Bluff and Port Aransas Independent School District’s as having an “A” rating. Seashore Charter Schools, located on The Island also earned the agency’s highest letter grade.

According to House Bill 22, which passed during the 2017 legislative session, this year only districts will receive an A-F grade and schools will continue to receive a pass/fail grade of "met standard" or "needs improvement" for one more year. They will also receive a rating from 0-100.

“We are extremely proud of our school district’s ‘A’’ achievement rating from the Texas Education Agency,” says Flour Bluff Superintendent Brian Schuss. “This top rating is a direct reflection on the hard work of our staff and students.”

Schuss goes onto say that also that the letter grade provides validation of the great things going at Flour Bluff ISD.

“We continue to strive for academic success, growth in our schools’ progress and closing achievement gaps for all students,” says Schuss.

While the Port Aransas, Flour Bluff and Seashore Charter schools do have a lot to be proud of, some neighboring districts are finding themselves trying to pick up the pieces from mediocre of even failing grades all together.

Corpus Christi ISD, for instance was graded as having a “C” letter and that leaves some parents like Ruby Quintero frustrated.

“I pray everyday that one day my children will have access to the kind of education that the children over in The Bluff have”, Quintero tells me. “You can transfer if you have the money but most of us don’t.”

In response to the “C” grade at CCISD, Superintendent Dr. Roland Hernandez released a statement saying that “while we will use TEA’s information to help us improve, we will not let it define us.”

Under this format, CCISD earned a 78. Individually, 10 CCISD schools earned a score of 90 or above, with 21 campuses earning an 80 or above.
“Every day is an opportunity to do our best,” Dr. Hernandez said. But how long will parents like Ruby Quintero have to wait for results?

“The children on the island and in The Bluff are very fortunate to have the leadership there that values hard work and taking steps to make things better”, Quintero says.

CCISD has not returned our phone calls regarding exactly what the district plans to do different.

TEA is not rating schools under the A-F Rating this year, only school districts. Those numbers are being delayed for campuses until 2019.

From a legislative standpoint State Representative Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi) said that he had not formally been briefed on the state’s report however, he plans on reaching out to the agency to determine the reports implications on disaster impacted counties.

For a complete rundown of how area schools and schools around the state scored you can visit