National Hurricane Center Expects Development Of A Tropical System

Credit: NHC

Corpus Christi, Texas--As we start to roll into September the National Hurricane Center expects a tropical system to be developing over the next several days.

The European model (ECMWF) which is considered to be one of the more reliable forcasting models does show some consistent development in a low pressure system over the Bahamas. The system will enter the Gulf of Mexico early next week and has the potential to become some sort of tropical system. As for exactly what it becomes or where it will go, that is just too early to tell.

What we look for here is consistency in the models each time that they update. If  the updates begin to show the same weather feature, then our confidence builds with that.

It is not uncommon to to see a peak of activity this time of year. Peak hurricane season is traditionally September 10th.

Right now, it does not appear to be a threat to Texas, but it is worth keeping an eye on.