"Breathless" Will Leave Every Music Fan Helpless and Wanting More

Author: Matt Briscoe

Do you ever listen at a song that you just cannot get out of your head? We all have. But in the world of music it is so common place to hear trash on the radio that you forget who sings which piece of garbage. But every great once in awhile there comes a song-yeah, that song. William Prince has recorded "that song" in his single "Breathless."

Prince is exactly right when he says "it takes so much to marveled these days." It was in fact not daytime that I was marveled by this tune-it was the dark of night.

I was up late, like I usually am listening to Mal Pope on BBC Radio Wales. He spun this song that I had never heard before. He didn't introduce it, but before the song was over I found myself Googling the lyrics trying to find just who in the Hell this guy was? Turns out, it was Canadian musician William Prince.

You just can't fake great music and "Breathless" is far from a fake song. At a point in my life when I had just about given up on great music, Mal Pope spun a record to the rescue. I seriously stayed up until 2:00 a.m. Texas time listening to this song over and over on iTunes.

It was one of those times when you lie in bed next to your beautiful wife and realize just how "Breathless" that she really is. The song makes you  stop and remember just how thankful you really are for the gift of love. It makes you thankful for great music.

Musicians in this day and age are generally flaky and not very genuine. They often will sell out for fame and stardom and forget about making good music. Music to most artists these days is about making a brand, not making art. Not so with William Prince. This guy still knows how to be an artist.  Thank God for William Prince and for Canadian musicians. Maybe there is hope yet.

And for the record, I still have never heard a song quiet like Elvis--But I have heard one perfect as William Prince.